Swindling Street Performers

Travel Scam - Swindling Street Performers

This scam appears in different forms. Usually happens in tourist hot spots and crowded areas. One of the most common modus operandi is the “friendship bracelet” where a person ties a bracelet onto a tourist’s wrist, then demands payment for it. Another version is the “found ring” where a con man approaches a victim saying he or she dropped a ring, puts it on his/her finger and then demands money. Another trick is a person in costume (can be a clown or a popular cartoon character) who gamely pose for photos with unknowing tourists and then ask money for the snap shots.

How To Avoid It:

Be cautious with overly friendly people on the street or individuals who approach you offering directions or assistance. And avoid taking photos with street performers. You may be asked to fork over some money if you do.

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